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11 thoughts on “lucky enough

  1. Firstly, thank you so much for visiting my photo journal!! Secondly, what a treat browsing your blog! Love the poetry I found and the ‘lucky enough’ quote above. Sometimes when I am having a case of ‘chicken little’, I remind myself of this quite sincerely. Besides everglades and bird photography I love lighthouses for their history and steadfastness. So the beach near me gives me the peace only the conversation of the sea brings with sea birds and a lighthouse with a beam that shines out 28 nautical miles…Hillsboro Light in Florida.

    Again, thanks…I am grateful.


    • Thanks Judy :o) Coming to live near the shore has been a profound blessing in my life. The openness, the sounds, even the briny fragrance, but especially the birds — watching them, trying to see if I can walk past them without sending them to flight, capturing photos, and enjoying their individual beauty. And I share your love of lighthouses, too. Standing steadfast through the greatest storms, giving without any expectation of return or even thanks. Wonderful.

      I’m looking forward to spending more time reading your blog and enjoying your beautiful photos.


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