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today’s favourite finds

During a lovely walk this afternoon — the only kind available here :o) — when I was about to head across the street and go through the garden, I noticed that there were a number of pelicans in the bay, close to the pier. Something to investigate.

Here’s what I found . . .

Brown pelicans, cormorants, gulls, and terns, swimming, circling, diving, making great splashes, their cries filling the air.

In the garden, I enjoyed watching this bee really getting into her work . . .

Then, as I was taking some close-ups of one of the hydrangeas, I discovered a fancy flyer .  . .

(you can see this photo and the others in a larger format on my flickr photostream)

And lastly, as I was preparing these photos for posting, I spotted an image I’d meant to share a couple of weeks ago — a Blue Heron, looking very handsome in the light of the setting sun.

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