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of onion skins and art studios

layer from layer removed

’til you reach the very heart,

that delightful part

~ sld

.  .  .  .  .  .  .

This is a 3D rendering I created with Sweet Home 3D to figure out how I wanted to arrange my (literal) corner of the world.

I thought I was going to simply put up some shelves so I could have all my books and supplies together in one place and that, by opening up the shelves in the Tinkery where I’ve had my books, we could relocate the books, boxes and whatnot from a shelf unit that’s taking up valuable floor/wall space in my husband’s under-construction photo studio area in front of the cloffice. I thought it would be a simple process of building, moving, done.

That’s what I thought.

But it’s turned into a special opportunity to clarify my personal priorities, and because of a few unexpected results/challenges, it’s also provided an added incentive to clear out some brewhaha.

Last week, when we were notified that a couple of building/termite inspectors were going to be coming through all of the units in the apartment complex where we live, we realized that the shelf over the closet was going to make access to the attic area above it difficult. They were sure to want to look in there. So, the shelf came down.

Then came the question . . . do we put the shelf back up right away, making it hard to get to the stuff we have in the attic — what do we have up there anyway? — or do we empty the space and deal with the boxes, etc. first? We chose to bring it all down.

A new and unexpected layer to peel away. A good layer to peel away.

In taking a quick look, I found there’s very little within the boxes I had in the attic that I’m interested in keeping. Just need to spend the time, hopefully this weekend, extracting the wanted from the unwanted. It’s going to feel good to have that particular something-I-need-to-take-care-of-one-of-these-days-but-I’m-kind-of-dreading-it job out of the way. The vintage soft-sided Samsonite luggage set my grandma gave me as a high school graduation present is tagged for cleanup and sale on Craig’s list. The sleeping bags and tent were taken to our rented storage unit. And the boxes are relatively out of the way down in the living room awaiting attention.

Meanwhile, I’ve continued to sift, sort and arrange the area around my table. Last evening, I finished making alterations to the cover of my dress form and put it all back together. It’s now sitting in the corner, ready for a new assignment. Another task completed. Another layer removed. Coming closer and closer to the heart.

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