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desire accomplished . . .

I’m very pleased to say that our new website is at last up and running. Please come over and visit us at redbootsstudios.com. I’d appreciate your thoughts. If you find that any of the links aren’t working or if something seems funky, please let me know.

It’s been a good afternoon/evening. The process of installing Joomla! and recreating what I’d worked out on our test site went quicker than I expected. A happy thing.

And on Sunday, we accomplished another long awaited project. Several weeks ago I wrote about putting up some shelves above my drawing/writing/sewing table. Bit by bit, as we’ve had time available, we measured and cut the boards, had to do a redesign for the highest shelf so I could have it lower and still accommodate the location of the studs in relation to the closet, the brackets were attached, and I sanded down a couple of the shelves to the angle of the wall so they’d fit properly. Then I finished off the ends of the boards by ironing on some melamine edge banding tape.

I’ve been having a wonderful time choosing what to have on my shelves, arranging my books, bringing out things I’ve had in boxes for years. This is the first time I’ve ever had a creative space like this, to be able to decorate it however I like, to surround myself with whatever’s fun and inspiring to me. It feels wonderful and I’m looking forward to spending hours and hours here, doodling, scribbling, and concocting outlandish couture. :o) I’ll post a photo when it’s all set up.

Desire accomplished is truly sweet to the soul.

8 thoughts on “desire accomplished . . .

  1. Lovely website. Had the picture of Jeremy been taken 40 years ago it could have been my brother. We grew up a heartbeat away from Nose Hill.


  2. The photography site looks great. All the best going forward. Beautiful photography! Good for you on the creative space you created. It is a great process to add and subtract to get such a space just right.
    All the Best – Michael


    • Thanks, Michael. It’s great to be moving forward. These two projects mark some progress towards achieving a couple of my “impossible” things. And the positive responses we’re receiving about the website are very encouraging.


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