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favourite things of the day

White Caps rehearsal this morning was a lot of fun. We went over some of the songs we’ll be playing next Saturday morning on the Embarcadero (Morro Bay, CA). “Smoke on the Water” is on the playlist, as well as the Beach Boys medley that includes “Wipe Out.” :o) Fernie’s been playing drums for us regularly now — pretty cool. So, if you’re in the area next Saturday, come down to the Embarcadero. We play across from the giant chess board every other Saturday during the summer at around 11 am.

Still on the topic of the White Caps, though this isn’t from today — a couple of our band members were featured recently in a wonderful article published in one of our local papers. Here’s the link: http://www.sanluisobispo.com/2012/07/04/2131807/age-isnt-slowing-these-band-members.html.

After my fellows had departed for their afternoon adventures, I headed out for a walk, stopping at Good Tides for one of my new favourite treats, a maple latte. Delicious! I sat in the garden behind the Back Bay Inn for a little while, drinking in the beauty — and my latte. :o) Here’s the view from where I sipped . . .

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