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While I was walking 7-8-12

It was quiet this morning as I walked along the shore of the estuary. A great blue heron that was standing near the water’s edge took to flight, staying close enough to the surface to create a shadowy, dancing reflection. I heard the soft, mellow call of a mourning dove. And on the other side of the oyster farm’s mobile platform, a bright yellow kayak glided, transporting two adventurers, their paddles flashing white in time with different songs.

I walked slowly past a curlew, then stopped to listen to the muffled sploshings as it stepped in the mucky mixture of wet sand and mud, a sound that always makes me smile.

Farther along the shore, I came upon an egret, ever graceful as they stand, waiting patiently. Then it was splashing too, as it strode, following some unseen creature.

When I got to the hotel, I left the beach and meandered through the garden. It was cheered by the songs of sparrows and shimmering with dew. I love the way the flowers spill over into the pathway, blurring the edges. So beautiful.

4 thoughts on “While I was walking 7-8-12

    • Thanks, Dave. The garden is behind the Back Bay Inn (Baywood Park, CA) and the photo of the egret was taken from the beach near there, looking across the bay towards the sand dunes. You can see part of Morro Rock, too — what wasn’t covered in cloud/fog (Morro Bay, CA).


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