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I’m walking on air . . .

Last week when Laura came over for my son’s piano lesson, we got talking about super powers and super heros. Wouldn’t it be great to have super hearing like the bionic woman or to run like the bionic man? We thought of Wonder Woman and her amazing invisible jet. We had a question, though — why were we still able to see her?

And then Laura mentioned one of her favourites — the Greatest American Hero — and the show’s theme song. Funny how the words/tune of a song that’s been long “forgotten” comes instantly to mind when someone begins to sing it.

Thanks for the reminder, Laura :o)

Hearing it on the radio, singing along, rollerskating to it at Lloyds . . . Love this song!

“Believe it or not,
I’m walking on air.
I never thought I could feel so free.
Flying away on a wing and a prayer.
Who could it be?
Believe it or not it’s just me.  . . .”

8 thoughts on “I’m walking on air . . .

    • Hi LaDona! Yes, Lloyds in Calgary. Been a while for me too . . . I looked them up when I was writing my post and found they’re renovating. Happy to see it’s still a popular place.


  1. Oh how wonderful! And, from “Solid Gold!” Classic – used to watch it every Saturday evening. :) Believe it or not…a great theme song for the day ahead!
    (So glad I’m catching up on reading your blog!!!)


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