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Would you like to join the “Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast” Club?

the official (and stylish) SITBBC logo by sldRuth, of Silver Screenings fame and one of my favourite people from my days in Calgary, wrote a comment on my post “six impossible things before breakfast” that gave me an idea.

What if I actually adopted this philosophy? What if I chose six of the things I’ve wanted to do that have, over the years, begun to look more and more impossible and/or improbable, and start believing in them? What if I started a “club” and invited others to join in?


So, here are the “whys and wherefores”. . .


If you would like to be a member of the Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast Club, simply:

1) Make a list of six things you’ve basically given up on or that more often than not seem impossible/improbable.

2) Look at the list every morning before breakfast, “seeing” yourself being/doing/having each one.

Whether you post your “six impossible things” or not, is up to you. I think it’d be fun to document what happens in some way, but how you do it is your choice.

As a member, you’re welcome to include the stylish SITBBC logo in your posts and/or on your sidebar. :o)

  • If you work with Mac, you can click on the image while holding down the control key. It’ll bring up a menu that gives you a choice (among other things) to “Save Image to ‘Downloads'” — or you can click on “Save Image As…” if you’d like to put it in a different folder.
  • For PCs, right-click on the image, then choose “Save picture as” which brings up a directory. Choose where you’d like to save it, and click “save.”
  • Once it’s on your computer, you can insert it into a post in the same way as any other image.
  • If you want to include the logo in your sidebar, there are instructions at “http://en.support.wordpress.com/widgets/image-widget/#image-widget-title” on how to use an image widget.


And here are my “six impossible things”. . .

1) Get enough sleep regularly. For me that means 9-10 hours/night.

2) Finish writing/editing my first novel.

3) Have a well-organized home. Have nothing in our place that we “do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” (William Morris) The main benefits I’m looking for are having a home that’s easy to maintain and never having to sort through another pile of papers.

4) Pay off my husband’s student loan debt within the next two years — all $200k+ of it. Ideas are welcome!

5) To travel. Go overseas on the QM2, see the Guthrie Castle in Scotland (one of my clan’s home bases, now a bed & breakfast), walk in Monet’s garden, and see some of his original paintings — those beautifully textured blobs and smears :o)

6) To have my own art studio that opens into a garden.

And while I’m at it, I think I’ll throw in a couple more for fun —

7) Be taller; and 8) Have great hair! :o)


What do you say, would you like to join the club?

32 thoughts on “Would you like to join the “Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast” Club?

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  4. I was very interested to read your first one because I sometimes wonder why I can’t get up earlier when I go to bed so early. I often spend well over the prescribed 8 hours asleep, and maybe I just need it, as you do. I like your idea and will give it some thought.


    • Hi Lorna! It’s said that Albert Einstein liked to sleep 10 hours a night and sometimes 11 if he was working hard at something — so we’re in good company :o) It would be great to have you in the club!


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  8. Oh Man oh man I don’t think I qualify for your club Sandy. I have everything but great hair! Kidding! You have great Hair! Umm thanks for this post.

    Oh why I don’t qualify? my dreams are too far out there… Like Having someone by my side ….So thats where the dreams stop and hope comes to faith that life can be hard but good, and God “is the only answer to prayer. ”

    As for your husbands debt!l!!! lol…


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