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Thank you for being a friend . . .

I thought I’d try out embedding a video in a post, so here goes…

This was one of my favourite songs when I was in high school — I think my Andrew Gold album is still somewhere at my mom’s house. (It was one of the songs I’d listen to while I went through my Lisa Lyon/Joe Weider weightlifting routine. I also played Handel’s Messiah, but I usually get funny looks when I talk about that, so I might save that for another time.)

This song came to mind the other day and I’d like to dedicate it to all of you lovely people who have “liked” my posts, commented, and are following my blog.

Andrew Gold – Thank You For Being A Friend – YouTube.

9 thoughts on “Thank you for being a friend . . .

  1. I have enjoyed this song many times. I should be so grateful for many friends who have stood beside me over the years in good times and bad. I love you all. A few who stand out are my wife, mom, dad and my sons. Hmm.

    Thank you Sandy for causing a little reflection of what love is about.



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