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Moving from Anxious to Eager

I re-read my post from the other day, “My life, in a single line of poetry,” and when I got to the part, “I wanted to get out if it. Needed to get out. Permanently,” I had to laugh. It suddenly hit me that one of the main reasons I wanted to be free of “the vortex” was so that I could get more done! ha!

Since then, I’ve been enjoying a lovely shift in my consciousness. I’ve been staying up to work on some projects, but not because I’m anxious about them — it’s because I’m simply eager to have them completed. And I’ve been having fun.

I’m this close to having our new website ready to go live. I’ve finished the latest issue of the landscape contractors newsletter and it’s off to the printer — just need to post the online version to the website. The artwork for the wine label has been sent to the client for approval/changes. And today I had another sale of a chiropractic patient education program that I created. It’s been a fantastic day.

4 thoughts on “Moving from Anxious to Eager

  1. It must be going around…fellow Canadian in the not-so-temperate climate of Kansas! Attempting to grow my own grapes, make my own wine, bake like the dickens and have my own paradigm shift. I found this little post to be close to my own desire to be productive and creative, all at the same time! I’m really enjoying your posts.


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