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So exciting

“my doodle tools” ~ sld

I have my very first actual, really, truly, paying illustration gig! ShaZAM!

It’s for one of the wineries that my husband’s working with at his full-time job — he works for a printing/publishing company as their design liaison/prepress artist. Such a great, fun, unexpected opportunity.

Time to doodle . . .

11 thoughts on “So exciting

    1. Thanks, Dave! I’ll post them as soon as I’m able to — thanks for asking.:o) Just have to see how confidential the project is first. Sometimes wineries prefer to have the labels printed, on the bottles, and the wine ready for release, before the art’s made public.


        1. . . . in the meantime, you’re welcome to visit my Flickr photostream — there’s a link to it on the sidebar (the one that reads, “More photos”). I have some of my drawings there. A number of them are fairly ancient, but there are a few new and newish ones.


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