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“I’d like to thank Khan Academy for making these rewards possible.”

Have you been over to Khan Academy? It’s worth a visit. And the story of how it came to be is fun and inspiring.

A friend of mine from Calgary posted a link to this video on his Facebook wall, a segment from CBS News 60-Minutes, which introduces this non-profit organization and talks about their story. I watched it and I’m so glad I did.

When it comes to reading, art, science, and music, my son has always been an eager learner. But with math, it has been a continuing puzzle to find an effective approach, one that would generate more than resigned attendance, mundane repetitive practice, and my son trying to be interested in how many times 11 goes into 154. That is, until Khan Academy.

From the first moment he began watching the short tutorial I was previewing about arithmetic & pre-algebra — he’d come in to see what I was doing and why I was laughing — he was engaged. We set up an account for him. And I’m able to connect with his account as a coach through my Google account.

Nearly every day now, he’s happily on there, attentively watching the next tutorial, going through the practice problems, a clipboard with scrap paper on his knee, working out the answers, drawing number lines, checking his “energy points” and badges. It’s inspiring, encouraging, and “sweet to the soul” to witness this transformation. Thank you, Sal.

2 thoughts on ““I’d like to thank Khan Academy for making these rewards possible.”

    • Thanks for stopping by, Heather :o) It’s a treasure trove, isn’t it? And there are many videos/practice exercises for subjects that I’m looking forward to delving into as well. Such a great resource.


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