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Adventures in Accounting


With flu-ishness a thing of the past, it’s time to stop prevaricating about the bush (as Wallace would say) and get down to the business of sorting through receipts/bank statements and making sure I’ve entered all of the business-related expenses from last year. So, I put tonight’s selection of CDs into the player: Bryan Adams’ So Far So Good; Dave Koz’s Saxophonic; Celine Dion’s D’eaux; Keith Urban’s Defying Gravity; and YoYo Ma’s Peace and Joy — choosing this special Christmas CD to provide the sense that I’m not so very late doing all this. :o)


Last night, sometime during the wee hours, I was able to discover the secret hideout of several elusive receipts. So now, after I finish putting together the latest issue of the monthly newsletter we publish for the landscape contractors association’s local chapter, I shall begin to commence the process of entering all this pertinent information.

I’m thankful to be working with our new filing system. It’s been an ongoing challenge to create a way that works for both me and my husband. Such a relief to have a system that makes sense to both of us — especially since it’s been very straightforward to set up and is extremely easy to maintain. Phew!

I’m determined to avoid this kind of adventure come tax time next year. I can see it now . . . simply printing out reports and transferring the info to Turbo Tax. Ahhhhh, lovely.

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