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“Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”
~Winston Churchill (also attributed to Abraham Lincoln)

Good thing I didn’t stipulate how long I would take to say “Alla-ka-ZAM!” :o) Especially since I finished (I think/hope) the gathering of all the wayward papers at around 8 something last night.

Aside from the usual time needed for meals, homeschooling studies, work-related projects, walking, going to the library, band rehearsals, and a bit of sleep here and there, I encountered a couple of hurdles (running out of hanging folders and clear tabs, getting caught by the flu or something very much like it) and we spent time attending to the worthwhile inconvenience of capturing and relocating the six rats that have been living in our small back patio area. Healthy looking characters they were. And I should think so, with all the organic oats, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and millet that they’ve been eating from my bird feeder!

Also, last Sunday afternoon, my fellows played in their first concert with the San Luis Obispo County Band. Took lots of photos, videos, and successfully restrained myself from standing up like one of the proud parents in The Music Man and calling out, “That’s my boy! That’s my boy playing the clari-a-net!”

So now I have my new filing system basically set up, at least for our most active files. It’s a ting of beauty (to be read with an Irish accent). There are a few papers from the old folders that are currently homeless, but with some cunning thought, I shall devise suitable headings, make labels, and they’ll soon join the others. I’m looking forward to converting the household and my personal files over to the Freedom Filer system. Taxes first, though, and recovering from this flu-sort-of-thing before taxes.

I think I’ll go make myself a hot toddy, or maybe a whiskey mac, and settle in to watch the sphere exercise on my 5-Pencil Method DVD again. I’m finding that I’m hurrying, being a little impatient as I’m drawing, using too much pressure sometimes, trying to lay down too much tone at once, and consequently leaving a distracting sheen on the surface in places. It’s time to review.

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