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Too much coffee, but not quite enough

Oh, to not need to sleep! It would be great to at least have a “do-over” button for today that would let me keep what I did accomplish and add in some more things before I have to go on to tomorrow. Hmm, but would I ever feel like I’ve done enough? And how would it work in connection with all the other human beans on this beautiful earth? No, not very practical. Well, maybe a turbo-boost button would be better. Yeah, that’d be good.

In the meantime, I’m testing out the effectiveness of coffee. :o)

Today I’m also pretending to be a magician. The Great Sandini enters the stage (or runs down the stairs, as the case may be) and announces, “For my next trick, I’m going to set up my Freedom Filer system, find ALL of the receipts and statements so I can enter our business’ hysterical transactions from last year into Quickbooks (I, um, missed a few months of entries), and do it all before I finish saying ‘Alla-ka-ZAM!'”

I’ll let you know how it goes . . .

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