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Just a few more minutes . . .

It’s been a good day for doing some indoor kinds of things. Earlier this morning, I enjoyed a pleasant walk in the rain. Definitely no competition for the beach today. Not a soul — well, besides feathered souls. And even got to soak up a few rays of sunshine during the second half of my journey when the clouds parted briefly.

So, this afternoon I settled down at the “big computer” to work on our website. We’re switching over from a traditional html static site to Joomla! — an open source content management system (CMS). We’re using Joomla! currently for one of our client websites and we really like the flexibility it offers. We also work with WordPress.com and WordPress.org for a few sites, which we like as well, however, WordPress is limited to one blog-style page per installation. If you want to have more than one blog section, you have to have multiple installs within a shared domain. I’ve read that it’s also possible to simulate multiple blog pages through a clever use of categories, but for our purposes with our website, I’d rather use a program that has it as an inherent capability. Gives a lot of room for expansion when/if wanted.

Today I installed the uber cool FrontPage Slideshow extension by JoomlaWorks and also began setting up our “About” and “Contact” pages. Then I spent way too long searching through images on Google to find some reference photos for a logo. That can be a fun part — hence the tendency to keep looking at just a few more

I’d meant to spend most of my time going through another Inkscape tutorial (Learning Inkscape – An Order of the Stick Avatar Guide), except that when I was reading through the section about gathering reference material, I got a bit distracted, launching zealously into finding photos of lady buccaneer costumes, having both the tutorial (slightly) and logo (mostly) in mind, and coming across several things I’d like to add to my own wardrobe. Those pirate coats are sooo, as Mark from backstage at the Ambassador Auditorium used to say, “groovy, baby.”

And now it’s rather late and I still don’t know if there are any special techniques involved in working with the Inkscape bezier tool. Hmmm, maybe I’ll spend a few more minutes on it before I call it a day and then see if I can get any farther in the tutorial tomorrow. :o)

2 thoughts on “Just a few more minutes . . .

  1. Joomlaworks does good stuff. I’ve used FP Slideshow since almost day one of my Joomla days, which started years ago. That’s a plugin I still use regularly!


    • Thanks nodetx. When I was researching, I saw a lot of positive reviews for the FP Slideshow and it’s encouraging to hear from someone who’s still pleased with it.

      I visited your company’s website and it looks like you’re using a customized version of the FP Slideshow for navigation — would you be willing to share the code additions/changes that you made?


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