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Music, Fun in the Sun, and a Moonlit Walk

Last Saturday we went down to Santa Barbara to hear the SB Youth Symphony and Junior Strings perform at the Santa Barbara Zoo. It’s been quite a while since I’ve gone to a concert and it was wonderful to listen to these young musicians. There’s something particularly special about being at a live performance of an orchestra. The music surrounds and fills the soul in ways that recordings can’t quite match.

After the concert, we stepped over to the SB Symphony “Petting Zoo” (aka Music Van) and I was able to try out a cello (a 3/4-sized one and just about right). That’s one of my dreams — to learn to play the cello. And now I have a picture to keep in mind as I look forward to a time when I’ll be able to begin. Hopefully it won’t be so very far in the future.

We enjoyed our picnic dinner, visited all our favourite residents, and then headed over to the anthill for some fun. My husband had injured his back recently and was still healing, so it was just my son and me on the hill. The race was on! I think it was a pretty close tie. :o)

 We made our traditional stop at Lazy Acres for our Tea to take over to Butterfly Beach — a latté for me, Mango CoGos for my fellows, and a box of Soy Dream Neapolitan Minis “ice cream” Sandwiches especially for the leetle fellow.

The sun had just set when we rounded our last corner in Montecito and drove to our usual parking space. As we sat there enjoying our treats, the colours of the sunset grew more and more saturated. I got out of the car so I could catch a better photo and suggested that we walk a little ways. There was still a warmth to the air and very little breeze.

My son was the first one down on the beach. As my husband and I walked along the narrow upper path, I kept an eye out for a likely place to climb down with my not-exactly-hiking boots. Found a good spot, jumped down and had a sinking feeling that my boots weren’t exactly suited for sand walking either. :o) But, the beach is lovely there, fine sand, few stones. A perfect chance for my toes to get reacquainted with the sea.

Our short walk lengthened. The horizon’s colours faded. The moon rose and brightened. We lingered, my son and I chasing the moon’s reflection on the wet sand. We walked as far as we could go one way, turned and walked as far as we could go the other, then made our way back to a stairway near where we’d parked. I can’t remember how long it’s been since I walked along a beach in the moonlight. Another deeply soul-satisfying gift from the day. So easy to be in the moment, relaxed. A close encounter with being carefree and feeling like anything’s possible.

my moonshadow

2 thoughts on “Music, Fun in the Sun, and a Moonlit Walk

  1. Thanks for blogging about a most enjoyable day. It is great to do something you all really enjoy now and then. I felt like I was included with you there, because of your descriptive writing style.


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