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Picking Up Where I Left Off

Well, pretty close, anyway.

The last time I had ongoing piano lessons, I think I was 12. When I started Grade 7 and began having flute instruction, I had to say bye-bye to piano lessons. While I was in college, I enrolled in piano class briefly, but when I discovered that the fees weren’t included in my regular tuition amount, I had to withdraw.

I’ve played from time to time over the years and I’ve long wished to have a mentor, someone to be accountable to, someone who would help fill in the gaps in my music theory understanding, someone who’d help me grow as a musician. So, I was excited when I found out that Laura (a new member of the Joyful Noise Orchestra and also a music therapist) would be willing to trade piano lessons for both me and my son in exchange for my designing a website for the music therapy company she co-owns.

I’m not dreaming of playing in Carnegie Hall — well, I’d love to play in Carnegie Hall, as long as there weren’t any people out in the seats listening. :o) And who better to have as a teacher than a music therapist. Someone who’s a skilled pianist and also has the special ability to make you feel at ease, encouraging you to enjoy the process. Awesome. Just the kind of teacher I’ve been hoping for.

We began this past Wednesday. It was wonderful watching her work with my son. And I have my own assignments to play with. A few things are at last coming together in my little world.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

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