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Collecting Memories

We designated yesterday (Wednesday) as the official library day for this week — my son was expecting a special toy shipment to arrive this afternoon, so we needed to be home to wait for the post :o) And it turned out to be just as well. Yesterday our car advanced from starting roughly and sending forth a cloud of light grey smoke to stalling and threatening to refuse to start altogether. I was wondering if I was going to need to use my AAA card. I know my son would have enjoyed a ride home in the tow truck, but I’m thankful it wasn’t necessary. (What was needed, though, was some quality time spent at the mechanics in order to replace the plugs and the temperature sensor.)

We hung out at the Morro Bay library for a while. I attempted to finish reading a book that I needed to return that afternoon — Send: The Essential Guide to Email for Office and Home, by David Shipley. I did make some progress, though I didn’t make it all the way through. I checked on its status in hopes of stopping by the Los Osos library tomorrow to pick it up again, however, someone’s already signed it out. Ah well, it’d be a great book to add to our home reference library, so I think I’ll make an internet shopping stop at Alibris.com to buy a good used copy.

We left the library uncharacteristically empty-handed, due to my library card being in my husband’s possession. He had kindly picked up a hold request for me on Tuesday evening when he and our son were there, but I’d forgotten to get my card back from him. C’est la vie. Mais, il y a toujours demain!

Afterwards, we went over to the Cloisters park and walked the pathway to the dunes and beach. It was an absolutely beautiful day. Clear skies, a warm breeze. Perfect.

I’d worn my running shoes, but my son had on his rubber boots and he was making the most of it. No longer mere puddle jumpers, they were transformed into wave jumpers . . .  and then . . . buckets. Every once in a while he’d stop, empty a quart or two of water out of each boot and carry on his merry way, skipping stones, collecting rocks to toss (or keep) until his pockets bulged to the limit of their capacity, and splashing as he ran to avoid being caught by any of the bigger waves.

A squishing, sloshing sound accompanied us all the way back to the car. Even as we drove, it was mysteriously present. :o)

It occurred to me the other day that someone might wonder why we don’t just take off our shoes and go barefoot. That’s a good question.

Well, the water is quite cold. As well, my son hasn’t ever been keen on the barefoot idea. He prefers to have his toes insulated — even if the insulation gets a tad (or very) soggy. For my part, I like the feel of the sand and sea. The only thing is, I’d rather not need to keep track of where we left my shoes or have to carry them in my hand. I like to keep my hands free and I prefer to travel light, but I could sling a tote bag over my shoulder and bravely defend it from being filled with a quarry’s worth of stones and things. I usually end up carrying something anyway. On Wednesday, it was our jackets, a large, surprisingly unbroken sand dollar, and a medium-sized rectangular stone that I’d skipped and that my son had triumphantly rescued from the incoming waves, holding it up like a trophy, exclaiming as he ran towards me, “Let’s keep it!”  Gotta love his enthusiasm.

It was a wonderful afternoon of laughing together, gathering a few interesting stones and shells, and collecting some precious memories.

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