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How to be Ageless

• Walk like a tightrope walker along a low wall or even the edge of the curb. Remember to hold your arms out.

• Have a pair of rubber boots, preferably a bright colour, and wear them to walk through puddles.

• Keep from stepping on any lines — stay in the squares, so you won’t attract the attention of the bears. (see “Lines and Squares” in The World of Christopher Robin, by A.A. Milne)

• Always include the following among your New Year’s resolutions: I will become 10 years younger this year.

• Have cake for breakfast on your birthday.

• Realize that “growing up” isn’t essential: learning to genuinely love is. Seeing responsibilities as burdens will age a person just about faster than anything else.

• Pick an age you enjoyed and stick with it.

• Always remember that “childlike” is different than “childish.” And, “innocence” isn’t the same as “ignorance.” The word innocence comes from the Latin word innocentia, meaning ‘not harming’ (based on nocere, which means ‘injure’).

• Practice finding beauty in tiny things.

• Smile when you see something you like, even if there’s no one else around.

• Keep learning new things — on purpose.

• Remember the things you loved when you were a child and have some of those in your life now.

• Fall asleep holding onto a teddy bear — or a penguin.

• Let yourself be still and quiet for a little while each day and listen. What do you hear?

• Sift through your opinions/beliefs. Which ones are truly yours? Let go of the ones that belong to others, and then see which ones of your own are worthwhile keeping.

• Take your vitamins.

• If you think you need to weigh less, first find out what’s a truly healthy weight for you. Then, don’t try to lose weight. Accept that it’s part of you for a reason, and then, allow yourself to let the extra go. Who likes to lose? And, isn’t losing things something we are naturally afraid of? I think it creates an automatic hold-back when we approach it that way. Maybe it’s also why we tend to find it again. So, don’t lose it . . . losing carries so many negative connotations and it’s rarely on purpose. Instead, try giving yourself permission to let it go, making the process less like a fight and more like a move towards freedom.

• Read Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, by Dr. Amen. And especially watch out for those ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts).

• Check out Dr. Amen’s online program at TheAmenSolution.com, set up your own subscription and make the most of it.

• Walk for 1/2 hour a day. Look around and try to notice something new.

• Skip stones.

• Own a clown nose.

• Believe that you can be ageless.

• Begin/Continue creating your own personal list of “hows” . . .

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