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Library Day and Skipping Stones

Thursday is library day. As long as we have the car, my son and I usually head over to the Morro Bay Library to read and bring home too many books/CDs. Though, can you really have too many books? It makes me think of a wonderful painting by Carl Spitzweg that I’d like to have a copy of hanging over my writing/art/sewing table that’s entitled  The Bookworm. But I digress . . . back to the library.

Today we sat and read for a while and then went over to the Cloisters park. There’s a pathway that leads from the park to the beach, travelling past some lovely houses, and running behind the high school before it ends up at the dunes. We walked that way this afternoon and when we reached the beach, we spent the first few minutes gathering likely stones for skipping. It’s interesting to skip stones in the ocean. It was a challenging maneuver to keep out of the surf (we hadn’t worn our rubber boots, though my son was pretending that he had his on — shoes, socks and jeans are all still drying), while trying to time each toss when the water was deep enough. For one of mine, I counted at least 8 skips. My son had some great tosses, too, and then he moved on to finding stones that would make BIG splashes. Pure fun.

While we were there, I was wishing I’d had my camera. The moment special, the lighting and reflections beautiful. But, I know the memory of this afternoon will stay with me for a very long time.

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