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Elmo’s Emergence and Return Home

On Sunday morning we were excited to find that Elmo had emerged. Elmo was the second biggest caterpillar we found when we went out caterpillaring for the first time this year. I opened the top of his screened “house” to set him free. After he climbed out, he basked in the sun for quite a while. Here are a couple of photos of his beautiful wings.

Sadly, he didn’t fly away before a neighbour’s cat came to visit our back patio and spotted him. My son saw what was happening. I ran out, chased away the cat, but Elmo’s left wing was seriously damaged. I brought him into the house and put him temporarily in with Jane the caterpillar. Then, I put a sponge soaked with hummingbird nectar and a slice of orange on a lid into the habitat. On Monday, I made a special house for him to live out his life safely and hopefully comfortably. I was able to catch a photo of him eating. You can see his left wing quite clearly in the photo, as well.

While I was researching about caring for an injured butterfly, I found a wonderful website called Butterfly School. There are a lot of great projects and information available on the site. We’ll definitely be spending some more time there.

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