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School Days

I’ve started back to school. It’s not an official, brick-and-mortar-with-a-degree-program school. Or even an online school. It’s an I’m-creating-it-as-I-go-along school. It’s an art school. It’s a music school. It’s a school about dreams. It’s a school about destiny. And it’s a school about actually doing what my heart tells me I need to do.

Classes started on Monday July 19. I’m at the end of week two. The text for my drawing class is Gaspare de Fiore’s Learning to See and Draw. I had gone a fair ways through this book before, then gave it up because it required time and focussed attention. Time and attention I didn’t think I had to spare during that season of my life. Thankfully, I have been able to move out of that place of stress, overcommitment and deadlines. I have few deadlines, much less self-generated stress, and very carefully selected commitments. Better life.

One day not so long ago, I realized I could actually make the time and room to grow as a visual artist. It felt like I’d woken up. I know it’s been a gradual process of letting go of unnecessary things, responsibilities. Making more space for what is truly near and dear to my heart. Not easy, but absolutely worth it.

So, now I’m “taking” a drawing class. I guess it’s more like giving myself a drawing class, really. I’m working my way through the book assignment by assignment. I spend about an hour a day. This week’s assignment was doing drapery studies in pencil. I’m going to continue with that assignment until I have developed a keen eye and can complete a rendering with good speed, accuracy, and be relaxed while I’m drawing. However long that takes.

I’m thinking about creating another blog where I can track my progress. Scan and upload my drawings each day — “good ones” and “bad ones” alike. Trace my journey as an artist. Maybe, maybe not. For now, I’ll post yesterday’s session…

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