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Memories of June

Last Sunday we arrived home from visiting my mom up in Calgary. We made the most of the few days we were there. Favourite stops – Heritage Park, the Calgary Zoo, riding on the C-Train, and especially going to see our friend Tony. Tony has a wonderful collection of electric trains and he didn’t disappoint even though we’d given rather short notice for our trip. He still built a long L-shaped table in his basement before we arrived. This time, we (meaning my son and husband, since my mom and I played the part of observers) had the fun of working with Tony to set up the tracks, connect the wires, and pick out which engines/cars to run.

Fairly early-ish one morning, my husband and I enjoyed a leisurely hike on Nose Hill. We brought along a couple delicious cinnamon buns from the Good Earth Café and warm somethings to drink. Snowcapped mountains in the distance, pointing out places of interest, taking photos of Canadian weeds. :o)

One highlight, especially for my son, was our outing to Bowness Park. This time we actually rented a paddle boat for an hour.

It’s been some time since I’ve seen the park from that vantage point. Lots of fun.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll write about our trip to and from. Especially Manito Park in Spokane. I can still smell the lilacs . . .

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