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I like to make up new words. I’ve read that Shakespeare may have made up quite a number of words and phrases — which puts me in very good company and has served to encourage me on. :o)

My latest word is “Saturateday.” I’m not the first to think of the term (I found several listings through Google), but it came to my mind this afternoon because I’m spending most of my time on Saturdays studying music theory and working on assignments for my composing class. My brain often says, “Oing!” at me, but I press on in hopes that I will indeed understand the circle of fifths, modulation, chord progressions, and the mysteries of 17th and 18th century counterpoint.

As a result, it’s been a three-walk day. I went walking before I got started. Went out after practicing exercises from Hanon and my newest piece on the piano. I picked up a coffee at a corner café and headed to my favourite garden where I read my What Makes Music Work book. Then after dinner, I once again made my way to the shore in hopes of settling my mind and coming to terms with all I had studied today. It worked. The wind was fairly calm. The warmth of the afternoon sun still lingered and the tide had reached in just far enough to surround one of my favourite sailboats and share a glowing reflection.

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