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Adventures in Music

Recently, I’ve made a commitment to spend time every day playing my piano keyboard. And, really learn about music this time around. I started taking piano lessons when I was four, continuing until I started playing the flute in grade 7. I got as far as taking (and passing) the Grade 1 Royal Conservatory of Music exam. I learned a few songs, but didn’t really gain a strong grasp of music or the instrument — mostly because I was more inclined to go play outside. Ride bikes.

Now, though, I’d really like to become proficient on the piano. I’m taking a course in composing and I keep thinking about Bach, Beethoven and Mozart. All were outstanding musicians. So I’m studying their work and I’m having a great time. I made up cards to help me learn where all the notes are on the grand staff. The internet has been a great resource for information and I’m working my way through a book I have about Music Theory, What Makes Music Work by Philip Seyer, Allan B. Novick and Paul Harmon.

Also, we’ve started using an online service and computer program called SmartMusic. It’s fantastic. My son and I are both learning to play the violin. It’s great being able to play through various exercises and then see if we played the correct notes (they show as green notes on the music). It’s fun to play the exercises along with a recorded accompaniment. And, of course, we spend a respectable amount of time fooling around and seeing how many red notes we can make it show. We laugh a lot. Best way to learn music, I think.

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