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Our Guest

This morning during breakfast, my son spied a visitor on the curtain covering our patio sliding-glass door. A baby walking stick. We’d kept a small group of stick bugs for about 1 1/2 years. They were given to us by a friend who thought my son might be interested and enjoy watching them. He was and he did. Actually, we all were and we did have fun watching them. My husband and I faithfully gathered their favourite treat — blackberry vines —  whenever the supply needed replenishing. We decided to release them, though, when we started raising caterpillars because we needed the habitat container.

Seems the news had gotten around the neighbourhood that this is the place to come. Just before we were going to release the group, we found a relative clinging to the outside of the screen on our living room window. We’ve also had one residing among the plants in a large pot I have on our patio. That one, however, hasn’t been invited in.

And now we have this new wee bairn. Shall we let her stay (they’re mostly girls, so it’s a pretty safe guess)? Or, shall we find her a suitable home in the great outdoors? . . .

A photo of our guest. At about 3/4" long, ain't she cute?

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