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Small Delight

I had a special surprise this morning. Looking out at the estuary from the upstairs window of our office/photo studio/library (which we’ve named “The Tinkery”), I could tell that there was some beach along the edges, but I wasn’t sure how much. So, I put on my rubber boots and headed out. Good thing, too, because on the side where the pier is, the path was already submerged in sections. I squished my way through an area that’s almost always mucky, a curious mixture of mud and eel grass, and then I came to a narrow strip of sand. A little ways out, on a rather watery isle, was a group of plovers. They were unusually quiet. To my delight, I realized that a few were asleep. I’ve never seen them sleeping before. So sweet and small. Tiny heads tucked under soft wings.

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