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Mist on my shoulders makes me happy

We had an excursion into the countryside this afternoon to a place a few miles north of Paso Robles, just off of highway 101. We made the trip to see about a house on 10 acres that’s for rent. The house was very nice inside and very spacious — almost twice as big as the cozy 800-ish square-foot townhouse apartment we’re living in currently. And, we would be free to create quite a large garden and improve the property pretty much how we might like, except for the 5 acres that would soon be planted in olive trees. It’s a wonderful offering.

The heat of the sun, however, gave us more than a moment’s pause. With it being only the middle of May, I must admit we were unprepared for the heat. It was somewhere around 100° in that beautiful area with its many vineyards and orchards. At home, it was in the low 70s and misty when we left.

I came away with a greater sense of admiration for those hardier folks among us who manage their lives quite successfully amidst greater extremes, whether — pun unintend, though not too bad of one :) — the heat like Paso Robles or cold as I experienced in Canada. As a temperature tenderfoot, I was happy to return to the generally cooler climes and often foggy skies of the seaside.

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