empty nest, full hearts

Dave Matthews Band – You and Me

We’re driving down the I-5, south of Portland, on our way home from moving our son to Trail, British Columbia. Going to miss that boy.

This song came to mind this morning as Kevin and I were getting ready to check out of our hotel. Played it first thing when we got into the car. :o)

some days are more difficult than others

Lauren Daigle – Trust In You

Needed to find this song today. Had MRIs of my brain/spine last week. Showed a new spot in my spinal cord.


Feeling well cared for, though. My oncologist – a lovely woman, so grateful for her – is changing my chemo immediately because I showed progression while on the Kadcyla (or as one of my infusion nurses, Nina, calls it, “Kadzilla”).

And feeling loved. So many friends’ prayers. Gifts, every one of them.

study of a woman’s eye looking straight ahead (the beginning)

Just as with my last image (the sphere), I’m practicing the 5-Pencil Method created by an artist named Darrel Tank. This study of a woman’s eye is in its initial stage. I’ve used a 4H lead to work out the proportions, the areas of shadow, of light. Tomorrow, I’ll move on to the 2H, followed by an HB, then a 2B, and finally, if I want to go a bit darker in some places, I’ll use a 4B. Hence the name of the technique. :o)

Unlike my pictures of the eggs and the ball on a table, I’m not using tortillons to blend. The secret to this method is the use of a tapered stroke, also known as the flow and grace stroke. I’ve spent several hours practicing it so far. With each study, I’m becoming more consistent. It’s a good challenge and I’m learning – slowly but surely. Looking ahead to being able to create complete portraits.