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I’m getting ready to try this . . .

Iris Scott Fingerpainting — Dog Shaking (Music by Takenobu)

Just spent the day working with the Holbein Duo Aqua (water mixable oil paints) colour chart, creating a values reference chart in Photoshop Elements.

  1. Created screen captures of the chart.
  2. Saved each as a grayscale file.
  3. Selected each colour swatch and pasted it into a new .psd file.
  4. Organized all the swatches in rows by value.
  5. Saved a copy of the grayscale chart to create corresponding colour chart.
  6. Reopened colour screen captures.
  7. Selected each colour swatch and placed it over the corresponding grayscale colour.

Duo Aqua Colors - values 1200

Duo Aqua Colors - colors in value order 1200

So excited. Now I have a great way of choosing my palette based on the value of the colours straight out of the tubes. Perfect for fingerpainting.


Daisy monochrome 052216

Current assignment: Divide a canvas in half. “Paint two versions of the same scene side-by-side. Paint one in monochrome and the other in color.” Then, I’m to take a photo of it and convert the colour painting into a black and white image so I can compare my monochrome painting with the values from the colour one. I’m to do three of these studies.

I chose to be fairly loose with the drawing, blocking it in with thinned grey water-mixable oil paint and I think I used my #2 Blick Masterstroke bristle filbert brush. I have mixed feelings about the results. But, that’s par for the course. I’m wanting to move into a more impressionistic style and it’s turning out to be even more challenging than I imagined.

Now it’s time to tackle the colour version.

Here are my reference photos:

daisy by sld 1200 daisy by sld b-w 1200

And something pretty cool . . .

Barry John* wins Silver Medal at Carmel Art Festival

Returning to the festival after a gap of fourteen years, Barry walked away with two top prizes at the Carmel Art Festival in California: Best Oil/Acrylic Painting for his 24×30″ work, and Silver Medal for a 16×20″ work. Watch the video demonstrating how he developed the Silver Medal painting while standing in the ocean!
* Barry John Raybould is the artist and teacher who created the Virtual Art Academy. Congratulation Barry John!


Zentangle 050916

This is a zentangle I did during my last infusion. Took a few days to post — I updated my OS to El Capitan and suddenly my little scanner didn’t work with my computer anymore without buying a copy of VueScan. :o\ I hadn’t been able to use the scanner function of our printer, but I finally figured out how to set my system preferences to allow a connection. :o) Back in business.

mixing secondary colours

My latest assignment* is to mix secondary colours from red, blue and yellow and use them exclusively in a painting (still life or landscape). So, just violet, green and orange. Adding a little white and/or black was allowed.

So far so good. Need to make a few adjustments here and there, and add some details (ie. the markings on the tape measure), but overall, it’s going pretty well. Learning a lot — which is the point, of course.

secondary colours still life - in progress by sld 041416

My reference photo:

Secondary colors still life by sld 1200

* Virtual Art Academy course

I refuse to think about it anymore

ikea colouring page - garden by sld

“Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.”
― Andy Warhol

Just discovered that this is Lisa Clough’s favourite quote. And now it’s one of my official fav’s.  Who is Lisa Clough? You can check out Lisa’s website here and her art videos on YouTube here.

*IKEA colouring pages available at Enjoy!