today’s good word is “stable”


I’m loving the sound of it.

This is the first time since June of 2016 that I’ve had that particular word spoken to me in the context of MRIs.

Nothing’s bigger, nothing’s new.

And nothing is quite like hearing my radiation oncologist talking about “in a year from now when you’ve been stable for that time, we can start spacing out your scans from every two months to four or more.”

In a year.

Someone’s talking about me and the future in the same sentence.

Nothing like it.

And there was nothing like laughing with my primary oncologist this past Friday when she smiled and joked, “So, you must be here for a well baby visit.” Have to admit she took me off guard and it took a moment – I’m certainly not with child – then I got it. We didn’t have any cancer concerns to discuss so I must be there for some other reason. :o)

Nope, nothing like it.

And there’s nothing like having this new reason to be carrying around the beautiful words, “thank you,” in my heart and on my lips.

minding my own isbn

[front cover]

[back cover]

I created this collection of 25 chiropractic/health-related activity pages a few years ago as a pediatric patient education program. The original version was a digital file formatted so chiropractors could choose which individual activities they wanted to use when and be able to print as many copies as they needed.

That format seemed like a good idea at the time, but because of the challenges my own chiropractor had with it, I came to realize it was too complicated and time-intensive for his office staff to implement, to maintain.

After ruminating about it for longer than I care to admit, it occurred to me that if I could make it into a printed book that could be offered at a reasonable price, then the project might be salvageable. As a result, for the last three or so weeks, I’ve been redesigning it.

Voila! The Stratespines Activity Book is available as a 6×9 paperback on (To see a preview of it, click here.)

And now for the “call to action” part of my post . . .

If you have/know a chiropractor, I’d love it if you would print this PDF flyer and share it with him/her!

Along with my lifelong gratitude, if you let me know you’ve done it (by saying so in the comments below), I’ll create some sort of arty thing as a thank you gift, probably a portrait of you and/or someone(s) of your choice, in doodlehead-style (to see an example click here). :o)

Here’s to new ventures! clink!

empty nest, full hearts

Dave Matthews Band – You and Me

We’re driving down the I-5, south of Portland, on our way home from moving our son to Trail, British Columbia. Going to miss that boy.

This song came to mind this morning as Kevin and I were getting ready to check out of our hotel. Played it first thing when we got into the car. :o)

some days are more difficult than others

Lauren Daigle – Trust In You

Needed to find this song today. Had MRIs of my brain/spine last week. Showed a new spot in my spinal cord.


Feeling well cared for, though. My oncologist – a lovely woman, so grateful for her – is changing my chemo immediately because I showed progression while on the Kadcyla (or as one of my infusion nurses, Nina, calls it, “Kadzilla”).

And feeling loved. So many friends’ prayers. Gifts, every one of them.