study of a woman’s eye looking straight ahead (the beginning)

Just as with my last image (the sphere), I’m practicing the 5-Pencil Method created by an artist named Darrel Tank. This study of a woman’s eye is in its initial stage. I’ve used a 4H lead to work out the proportions, the areas of shadow, of light. Tomorrow, I’ll move on to the 2H, followed by an HB, then a 2B, and finally, if I want to go a bit darker in some places, I’ll use a 4B. Hence the name of the technique. :o)

Unlike my pictures of the eggs and the ball on a table, I’m not using tortillons to blend. The secret to this method is the use of a tapered stroke, also known as the flow and grace stroke. I’ve spent several hours practicing it so far. With each study, I’m becoming more consistent. It’s a good challenge and I’m learning – slowly but surely. Looking ahead to being able to create complete portraits.